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throat chakra

throat chakra

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VISHUDDHA Centrally base of neck

The center of communication, the truth, self-courage, expressions

UNBALANCED: Arrogant, holds back from self-expression, unreliable, over talkative

AFFIRMATION: I delight in my self- expression and I communicate my truth.

Nature’s Constituents: Rosemary, peppermint, myrrh

Zodiac Signs: Gemini & Virgo

1 dram = 4ml

HOW TO USE: Pour out 1 size drop in palm of hand, rub together, keep away from eyes, inhale. Or apply plant based Chakra synergy in the area where healing work and alignment will be performed in order to unblock, balance, and stimulate your energy centers

Informational card is and Turquoise crystal pebble is included. Turquoise is a Semi-precious stone used to stimulate and balance. It dispels negativity and restores confidence to speak and express one’s thoughts effectively.

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