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  • LET STRESS JUST MELT AWAY:  With just a few deep breaths from 4Elementum salt inhaler, tension just evaporates, allowing you to take things easy!

  • NATURALLY FIND YOUR ZEN:  Whether trying to alleviate stress or calm an overthinking mind, this unique blend of Marjoram and Ylang-Ylang essential oils might help to get rid of overwhelmed emotions, keeping your mind and body in a state of harmony.

  • LULL YOURSELF INTO TOTAL RELAXATION:  Great for those with restless sleep because of their thoughts, sad, or stressed from life situations. Once inhaled, our inhaler provides a calm and refreshing aroma that will give you that extra “umf”, wake up, and peaceful mindset when needed.


Plant Based Aromatherapy

Himalayan Salt

Organic Cotton

Long Lasting

Travel Friendly

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      HOW TO USE

      It is recommended to inhale deeply 10 times, exhale slowly & completely in order to receive the aromatherapy properties. Or tap the organic cotton with fingers, then rub them together and inhale. To replenish when dry, shake the inhaler and flip upside down for 1 min. Recap tightly to avoid spillage or to dry. Use as often to feel results.

      CAUTION: Not to be ingested or sniff the salt, keep out of reach from children and avoid contact with eyes. If pregnant or with medical conditions consult a doctor before use. 

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