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Sinus inhaler is my go to! Amazing how it works better than prescription nasal sprays. I've used all sprays OTC too and nothing is better than this natural inhaler. I used it for allergies, cold, flu and ordered another one since I tested positive for Covid-19 and it just disappears my congestion. The Best All natural and 100% effective, this is a rare gem.


Never have been a fan of aromatherapy, many of my friends recommended this 4Elementum Vital Energy Himalayan Salt inhaler to me so I thought I would try it. One, it smells incredibly nice in the container, even without opening the container! I am so pleased with the fragrance, especially since it is all natural! Two, it really does invigorate me to inhale it and to simply have it in my car!

Dr. Good

The aroma is very relaxing. The combination with the Himalayan salt is simply perfect. I am an engineer under constant stress. I was introduced to this product by my massage therapist and I love it. I was sleeping only 3 hours at night. I have used this product and miraculously I am able to sleep for over 8 hours. I simply smell it a few times 10 minutes before going to bed and the aroma will do the rest. I strongly recommend this inhaler and definitely will keep using it.


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