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solar plexus chakra

solar plexus chakra

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MANIPURA Above Navel

Main center of the body, ambition, will power, gut feeling, respects self & others.

UNBALANCED: Workaholic, judgmental, needs constant reassurance, controlling

AFFIRMATION: I determine to treat myself with honor and respect. I am open to receiving all of life's good things and conscious of keeping balance

Nature’s Constituents: cedar wood, Fennel, Lemon

Zodiac Signs: Aries & Leo

1 dram = 4ml

HOW TO USE: Pour out 1 size drop in palm of hand, rub together, keep away from eyes, inhale. Or apply plant based Chakra synergy in the area where healing work and alignment will be performed in order to unblock, balance, and stimulate your energy centers

Informational card is included and Tigers Eye crystal pebble. This crystal is helpful for easing feelings of fear or worry. When you harness the positive energy of Tiger's Eye properties, it will help you feel centered and grounded, giving you the confidence and courage to go after your dreams. This is the stone of courage & motivation and will help you be successful at everything you do.

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