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strawberry moon huile

strawberry moon huile

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STRAWBERRY MOON kit  Includes our Essential oil specially formulated for this full moon, a Palo Santo stick, sunstone crystal, and a jute bag. The combination of this kit provides all the elements to let go of the workload mentality and make way for some fun and relaxation. Life is a playground, after all. Embrace your spontaneous, fun-loving personality, and go on a fun trip or vacation. Even if you can't travel far, you know exactly what to do to get yourself in a good mood.


Essential huile is an inviting, fearless, blazing, and earthy scent embraced from the patchouli, while the balance of playful & fruity undertones of Ylang-Ylang and orange will retain a light-hearted perspective when inhaled. 

Patchouli- good for grounding, meditation, and boosts mood

Ylang Ylang- has been found in research to boost mood, reduce depression, alleviate anxiety, decrease heart rate, and enhance libido.

Orange- has a cheerful and uplifting yet simultaneously relaxing, calming effect that helps reduce symptoms of anxiety & depression, and insecticide activity.

PALO SANTO or Holy wood stick is a tree that has been used for many centuries by the indigenous people of South America during ceremonies and healing practices of the spiritual body. The burning of this sacred stick delivers a subtle woody fragrance that no words could describe, it is said that when used in meditation this smell helps create a path for us to connect with our higher purpose. Some of the benefits of this magic tree are:
. Wonderful as an energetic cleanser from negative vibes
. Brings in the good energy + clarity
. Burn it to create a safe space
. Relaxes the Body and Mind
. Natural Insect & Mosquito Repellent 

To use, simply light the end of the stick and allow it to go out, which gives a cleansing smoke, walk through your home or sacred space and bless each area with the element of fire. Make sure you open the windows to release the old energy out and give space for the new one to enter. 


SUNSTONE CRYSTAL is powerful to bring joy and other positive feelings into your life. They have a strong solar energy, and they embody within them the warmth, strength, and openness of the sun. Giving off a bright and cheery glow of good vibes, the Sunstone crystal is the perfect sunblock to protect a sensitive spirit from our toxic and imperfect world. Call on the crystal during your darkest hour and get a deep spiritual tan when you take a vacation from the daily stress of everyday life for at least 5 minutes of your day. 

JUTE BAG (burlaps) are made of 100 % natural, vegetal fibre, and biologic material  from the outer stem and skin of a jute plant. This material is biodegradable, heat-resistant and is a thermal insulator. Jute is an incredibly versatile material and most commonly used now for making durable items such as eco-friendly bags.

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